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Aiden Fucci: Want To Know About A Teenage Killer Boy?

The teenager charged with killing 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey stepped into the courtroom for one of the final occasions (Aiden Fucci) before his trial begins nearly a year after her body has discovered. Are you curious to know who that teenage boy is? Who murdered a thirteen years old girl? Yes! Let’s start together.

Who is Aiden Fucci?

Who is Aiden Fucci?

Aiden Fucci is a 15 years old boy. He has accused of killing Tristyn Bailey. She was his neighbor in the Durbin Crossing neighborhood of northwest St. Johns County. However, she was a student of Patriot Oaks Academy. But on May 9, 2021, people discovered that she is dead near her home. Whereas, people found that she had 114 knife wounds on his body.

What happened to Tristyn Bailey?

Do you want to know what occurred to Tristyn Bailey the night when she murdered the details in court recorded? 

Basically, Tristyn Bailey’s friends and relatives sat on one side of the courtroom, most of them dressed in aqua, her favorite color. Whereas, Judge Lee Smith scheduled the final pre-trial hearing for Oct. 26 and scheduled Fucci’s trial for 7 to 8 Nov. however, On June 7, Fucci has scheduled to appear in court for another pre-trial hearing.

Further, Fucci has appointed a new lawyer, Rosemarie Peoples. Here, he was working as a public defender. According to Peoples, the defense has started taking witness statements but still has to interview around 80 witnesses in the case.

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Aiden Fucci Charged with Murder

The 15 years old boy Aiden Fucci is the sole person charged with Bailey’s murder. Both teenagers went to Patriot Oaks Academy and grew up in the same area. One day, Bailey Tristyn’s family reported that she is missing from mother’s day 2021. Whereas, her body has discovered in a wooded location in Durbin Crossing North after a week of search. According to investigators, Bailey has wounded with a knife around 100 times.

“Teenagers are capable of things we have never imagined they could be. And this case is an example of that”, said State Attorney R.J. Larizza when announcing the charges last year.

However, as evidence, DNA samples from Fucci’s family, jail conversations, and security footage are all key pieces of evidence in the case. On the other hand, Fucci’s mother also has charged with destroying evidence. She has been accused of washing a pair of pants that tested positive for blood after washing it.  Here, Smith’s new trial date has not yet scheduled. But according to the judge, Thursday that he expects it to take place after her son’s.

However, Fucci second pre-trial hearing has planned for June 7th. And there is the possibility that it will be the final pre-trial hearing on October 26th. The murder trial for the teen is set to begin in November. Although, according to lawyers guess a death sentence is not a possibility because he is a minor. But on the other hand, the charge includes a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Fucci Father Previous Cases

Now, during the hearing, this has revealed that fucci father has already charged in many cases. The Sun can uncover that Fucci’s father Jason, at the age of 36 has a lengthy criminal record. It includes a list of charges for that he has spent a term in prison in 2003 for sexual or vulgar violence and child abuse.

According to court documents obtained from Duval County Court, Fucci Sr., who was at age of 18 at the time, has accused of sexual behavior with a 15-year-old female at his residence. He did everything in consciousness. He has done this violence and abuse knowingly or purposefully.



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