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Michaiah Hanks: Want To Know About Mother, Age, Net Worth?

Are you curious to know who Chet Hanks’ daughter is? Also, to which family does she belong? What is her age, height, net worth, and many more? If yes, then get ready to know. So, here we are going to discuss Michaiah Hanks. Therefore, some worthy details about her are the following.

Who is Michaiah Hanks?

Michaiah Hanks is the child of Chester Marlon Hanks (Chet Hanks) and Tiffany Miles. Her father belongs to the singing and acting career.  Michaiah is most famous as the grandchild of Tom Hanks. Undoubtedly, he is a prominent actor. Michaiah’s father Chet Hanks gets famous because of his roles in the television shows “Empire” and “Shameless.”

However, Chester Marlon Hanks and Michaiah Hanks mother never married each other. Also, she was not born from a meaningful relationship. But according to Chet hank, she the greatest thing that has ever happened in his life. 

Michaiah Hank’s Bio and Family

Michaiah Hanks Bio and Family

Michaiah Hanks is a child of the Hanks family. And her birth place is Los Angeles, California, US. And her birth date is April 15, 2016. Currently, she is living in Palm Springs, California. Undoubtedly, she belongs to a famous family. Her parents and grandparents belong to the media spotlight.

Her father’s name is Chester Marlon. Whereas, he is a famous American singer and actor and he is famous for his TV shows. On the other hand, Michaiah Hank mother is Tiffany Miles. She is an amazing journalist in the United States. Her grandpa is Tom Hanks and her grandma is Rita Wilson. Here, we do have not a lot of information about her family. She has an Afro- American nationality and ethnicity. As well, she is at the junior school level. 


We don’t know anything about Michaiah Hanks’ educational background. She is most likely in primary school and attending a local Los Angeles high school.

Michaiah Hanks Mother, Tiffany Miles

Michaiah Hanks was conceived as a consequence of a one-night relationship between her parents. Also, she has spent very little time with her mother. Miles decided to give her daughter to Chet on her own. Her mother, Tiffany Miles belongs of African-American origin and came from Indio, California. She holds a bachelor’s degree from California State University. As well, she holds a broadcast journalism degree.

On the other hand, Tiffany has a shady past. According to her grandma, Lula Owens, he has warned her because of violent behavior in the past. She used to abuse her parents, threatening to push their things out the window and engaging in other violent conduct. In 2015, the court issued a temporary restraining order against her.

Michaiah Father, Chet Hanks

After having a lot of experience in the Film Industry, Chet Hanks has unable to reach Instagram his father’s level of celebrity. On the other hand, Michaiah’s father had repeated parts on shows like Empire and Shameless. Also, he has appeared as Joey Maldini, in the courtroom drama miniseries Your Honor. Also, he has worked in many famous films and TV series. For instance, Bratz, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Larry Crowne. As well as Project X, Fantastic Four and Greyhound are just a few of the films he’s appeared in.

On the other hand, Chet is a musician and rapper as well. He recorded “White and Purple” in 2011. Wiz Khalifa’s track “Black and Yellow” was remixed for the song.

Michaiah Hanks Net Worth

Michaiah is really too tiny to get involved in any sort of money-making activity. However, Michaiah’s father has earned immense fame and fortune as a result of his relentless efforts. According to our sources, Chet’s net worth is over 10 million dollars. Whereas Michaiah’s grandfather, Tom Hank’s net worth is over 400 million dollars.



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