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Who is Albert Olmstead? Everything About The Death of Albert

If you are then a fan and follower of the Netflix series then you must have watched the karate kid show. It was one of the best series on Netflix and it has the well-liked Robert Mark Kamen remake of The Karate Kid movies. On New Year’s Eve, the fourth season of the karate TV show Cobra Kai became accessible on Netflix. In this, the major role has played by Albert Olmstead. Now, are you curious that who is Albert Cobra Kai? Also, are you interested to know more about his bio, family life, and the cause of Albert Olmstead death? If yes, let’s continue.

Who is Albert Olmstead?

Who is Albert Olmstead?

Albert Olmstead was born in United State in 1982 but his exact birth date is not confirmed. However, he has American Nationality. No doubt, he was a multitalented man. By profession, he was an expert in many fields. For instance, he was a technician, electrician, a famous American filmmaker, a make-up artist, and a crew member. As well, he was an entrepreneur from Georgia, United States. But last year in 2021 he died. No doubt, Albert Olmstead (Wikipedia) death was a piece of shocking news for everyone.

An Overview of Albert Olmstead Cobra Kai Bio

NameAlbert Olmstead
ProfessionFilmmaker and Electrician
Birth year1982
Death year2021
Age39 years
Height5ft 9in
Marital statusMarried
Wife NameQue Omstead
Education LevelGraduation

Albert Olmstead Death 2021

Albert’s departure was extremely painful and completely unexpected. On July 19, 2021, Albert arrived home from work and started repairing a leak next to his garage right away.

Suddenly, at that time a stone wall quickly fell down. According to his brother-in-law, he had trapped under that retaining wall. The event becomes even more surprising because Albert wasn’t doing any work on that wall.

At that time the garage door was locked, and a van was placed directly in front of the garage. Therefore according to Scott, “He not able to do anything. He was unable to run towards the garage because the rest of the wall was falling over here.”

Interesting Facts about Albert Olmstead’ Actor

Interesting Facts about Albert Olmstead Actor

Let’s know more quickly about Albert Olmstead Cobra Kai. So, some interesting facts are the following.

  • He has graduated with a degree in computer science and mathematics from the University of Augusta State, United States.
  • He was a man with a multitalented personality. 
  • He was an electrician, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and make-up artist and he was a man with much more expertise.
  • He came from a background of Joint and loving Family.
  • Approximately $800,000 was Albert estimated net worth.
  • Also, Jennifer Rose Olmsted is one of his two sisters.
  • He was married and living a happily married life.
  • Whereas, his wife’s name was Que Omstead.
  • As well, he has 5 lovely children.
  • He was the proud father of five lovely kids.
  • His mother was Imelda Olmstead, and his father was Larry Olmstead.
  • Albert Olmstead and his wife, together with their parents.
  • Originally, his mom belonged to the Philippi background.
  • At the time of his death, Albert also performed independent work as a freelancer at IATSE.
  • His death was a terrible accident for his family and friends.

Albert Career

No doubt, he was a man with a multitalented personality. He belonged to many professions. For instance, technicians, electricians, filmmakers, make-up artists, etc. you might have heard about a famous Netflix TV show “The Kobra Kai”. He had worked in this TV show the on and backstage as well. He was a very prominent member of his Kobra Kai crew. But according to his LinkedIn profile, at the time of his death, he was working as a freelancer at IATSE.

Albert Net Worth

He died on 19 July 2021. According to our resources, till his death, his estimated net worth was about $800k.



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