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Want To Learn About xResolver And the Best Xbox IP Puller Free?

Are you a gamer and love to play games? If yes, you must know about xResolver. However, you must realize how much it is important to know your competitor for making a winning situation. Because it helps a gamer to win more than a normal condition. No doubt, this could possible by using different and effective internet tools like xResolver. This Xbox IP Puller free offers a sophisticated algorithm to collect information effective information about gaming players. For instance, it provides information about the player’s IP address, username, geolocation, city, and Internet service provider.

Hmm, it’s looking excited to know more about it. So, in this blog post you will discover what xResolver is, Xbox IP puller free and the top alternatives of xResolver. 

What is xResolver?

XResolver is a website that converts player ids and usernames from Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation into usable IP format. Basically, it’s an online data storage that can keep a record of Xbox, PSN, and gamers’ ids and IP addresses.

The xResolver works on a methodology. This will get the player’s IP address, name, location, and Internet Service Provider details.  Also, this improves the chances of hackings your account and details.

Whereas, provide a feature in which a player can pay a fee to have their IP address deleted from the record for a certain time. But, it is not advised.

How can we use XResolver?

XResolver offers a simple and user-friendly interface. Even it is very easy to use for newbies. It has created with a basic dashboard in mind. If further,   you’re having trouble using xresolver, you should read the instructions below.

  • Visit the official website.
  • First, you must decide whether you want to use Xbox Resolver or PlayStation.
  • Then, update the “IP address” on your Xbox.
  • Simply type in “Xbox gamer tag” to get an IP address.
  • After that, you have to press the “Resolve” option, and you’re done.

List of xResolver Xbox IP Puller Alternatives

We know that everything has an alternative. Now, it depends on the features of any product and whether it is better than the alternative or not. So, here we are going to discuss the alternatives of xresolver (IP puller Xbox one). Here, the alternatives are the following.

1. Xboxresolver


xboxresolver is an online tool for extracting the IP address from an Xbox player’s code. As a player, you have the ability to record the details of your competitor. It’s perfect for monitoring and identifying packets on personal networks. And easily you can get the IP address, name, and geolocation of your opposite player.

Whereas, the information-getting process may take some time. On the other hand, if it is taking a long time then you need to refresh the page. For more information and updates you can join the Xbox resolver chat and discussion group if you run into any problems. This will aid in the troubleshooting of the issue.

2. Xboxonebooter

Xboxonebooter - xresolver

Similar to Xresolver, Xboxonebooter is an excellent IP extractor. For Xbox players, it is an ideal thing for one of the top IP boosters, IP grabbers. So, it provides the facility to their players to pull IP addresses in both offline and online conditions.

You can use this application to detect and retrieve an IP address from an Xbox console. IP addresses can be obtained using a logger or a network program to monitor. No doubt, it’s a fantastic tool for gamers and Xbox fans.

It has high-quality information about the IP puller Xbox one. It shows how to use it when you shut off the internet. And it obtains sensitive gamer data such as IP address, location, city, and username.

3. XboxReplay

XboxReplay - xresolver

Do you want to extract your uploaded Xbox footage and images? Believe me, for it the best quick way is to use XboxReplay. It allows you to watch, share, and download the best Video game DVR material available. The software is open-source and free, with only a few advertisements. It allows you to quickly share and expand your Game DVR. In future projects, Xbox replay will be conceived, developed, and integrated from the ground up. If you need to get to know about other players, XboxReplay is a great tool to use.

It is functional with most game systems. The algorithms make it easy to capture the other gaming player’s IP address, city, username, and geolocation. To avoid hacking your account, you can see who you’re playing with you instantaneously.


In conclusion, xResolver Xbox IP puller one is an ideal online website to extract your competitor’s IP address, name, and location. Also, we have discussed some top alternatives for the xresolver.



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